Our values and aims

As you will have seen on our welcome page, everything we do in Seal Primary Academy is underpinned by our values and school motto: Aspire, Believe and Achieve

This is hugely important to us as a school community because we believe all our children are exceptional people with exceptional talents and have the potential to have exceptional futures. All in our school have high expectations of themselves and others, and our aim as a school is to provide children with the basic skills and positive mind-sets they need to be successful in the world. This is not just about being 'secondary ready' but being ready to face the challenges and excitement that life brings with resilience, good humour and self-confidence.

How do we do this?

In a number of ways! Our curriculum is broad and varied but is rooted in developing very secure basic skills and teaching children how to use their strengths and celebrate when they have identified what they need to develop. The broader curriculum is then weaved into the teaching of basic skills to make the learning fun and creative, which in turn also provides children with learning experiences over a range of subject areas. This can be seen through our curriculum maps. If you would like to see more, follow this link.

As part of our wider curriculum, we aim to instil in all our children a sense of pride, self-confidence and clear moral values. This is achieved by ensuring our values are expressed through everything we do: from our assemblies to the inspirational quotes on the walls around the school. This is also underpins our expectations of everyone's conduct around the school and in the local community. In February 2014, Ofsted judged the behaviour of our children as outstanding and the success of this has been largely driven by our clear approach to behaviour, details of which can be found here.

Why choose Seal?

Seal is wonderful community school. We only appoint staff of a very high calibre through very rigorous selection procedures, and have high expectations of the quality of teaching and support our children receive. As a result of the great staff and highly supportive community, our children work hard to do their best, learn from mistakes and are well-rounded individuals. Consequently, progress in our school is rapid, no matter what the children's starting points, and our results are improving year on year. In February 2014, Ofsted graded the school as 'Good', with 'Outstanding' judgements for the Behaviour and Leadership & Management. Please click here to see our Ofsted report and here to see what our parents say about the school.


General information

Absence from school

If your child is sick/absent from the academy.  Please telephone the Welcome Office to inform us of any sickness or absence as soon as possible before 10.00 a.m. On your child’s return to the academy please supply a covering letter explaining the absence. If your child has been sick or had diarrhoea, then we must ask you to keep your child away from the academy for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea. This is to prevent further infection within the class of children, or adults working in the class. This is based on advice from the Department for Health. 

Holidays in term time. As teachers with many years of experience, we know that the best way for children to make progress is to be in school all day, every day. The Government agrees and in September 2013 enforced new guidance on holidays during term time. Parents do not have the automatic right to withdraw a child from the school and permission must be sought in advance. Seal Primary Academy do not authorise any absences except in very exceptional circumstances, for example the death of a close relative. The Headteacher is happy to discuss any circumstances that may lead to an absence from learning and parents need to fill out a Withdrawal From Learning form which can collected from the school Welcome Office. Parents should be aware that unauthorised absences may result in a referral for a Fixed Penalty Notice which is £60 per parent for each child. This is likely to result if your child has 10 sessions of unauthorised absence in a ten week period. One period is equal to a half day, which means that on the afternoon of the fifth day of unauthorised absence this triggers a Fixed Penalty Notice referral. Please note that any fines are levied by the Local Authority and the school does not receive the monies from a fine.

School meals

In September 2014, the Government introduced an initiative called Universal Free School Meals. This means that every child in Reception, Year1 and Year 2 receives a free hot school meal. We use a company called Chartwells for our meals who provide nutritionally balanced meals. They issue a month long menu which can be seen here or you can collect these from the school Welcome Office. If you would like a hot school meal for a child in Years 3, 4, 5 or 6, this can be done via the Chartwells website where meals are ordered and paid for in advance.

If your child brings a packed lunchplease be aware we are a 'Healthy School' and we ask that packed lunches follow the guidelines below:

  • Please ensure that your child has a drink (no fizzy pop)
  • If they have a yoghurt or similar you will need to provide a spoon
  • Please do not include sweets/chocolates, i.e. Mars Bars, Smarties etc.
  • Please ensure that their lunch box is clearly named.
  • Please ensure that your child brings a separate drinks bottle (other than their packed lunch drink) which will be kept in the classroom. This bottle should go home daily to be washed and refilled. This is not required for Reception children as water/milk is provided for them.


School admissions

At Seal we manage all our own in-year admissions, with the Local Authority managing all of the September new starters for Reception. Details about this can be found here. On this page you will also find a selection of admission forms and information which are useful for admissions. These can also be collected from the school Welcome Office when you visit to look around. 

If you are looking for a place for Reception or your child is starting with us in Reception. Please follow this link to download our Welcome to Reception booklet. 

Finally, if you are looking for a place in any year group, please phone the school to arrange a tour and for any questions you may have to be answered.