Phonics And Reading

Phonics Teaching at Seal

Phonics is taught daily at Seal from 9:00-9:30, which is why it is essential that your child arrives at school on time. This year we have introduced a very successful phonics programme called Read Write Inc (RWI) which systematically teaches synthetic phonics in a fun and exciting way.

We chose this programme for a number of reasons:

1. It has a proven track record of rapid progress in phonics learning

2. It teaches children how to use phonics for reading and writing

3. It teaches key words alongside the phonics

4. It has books which are used in the programme to practise using the phonic skills that have just been taught


To find out more, please click here to see our presentation to parents or drop into school to speak to us.


Research shows that children who read for pleasure at home do better in all other subject areas. Therefore, we encourage children daily at home and this is tracked through reading diaries which are signed by parents when they have heard their child read or know they have read independently. When children have read 10 times at home, they get a Headteacher's Gold Sticker. Children who receive 5 or more gold stickers over the term are rewarded at the end of term assembly.


The school has recently spent substantial amounts of money using Pupil Premium to restock group reading books, take-home individual reading books and develop a new library. We do not follow any particular scheme, but have a range of scheme books and 'real' books.