What our parents say

"The Headteacher Cup and Headteacher Awards are a really excellent idea and promote good behaviour."

"Our son has really benefited from 'rewarding good behaviour'. There are certificates all round our house! Just being in the playground you can tell that improvements are being made."

"My child loves her school and enjoys learning there."

"In keeping with the "Aspire, believe and achieve" motto, the school seems to be building a solid foundation with a good framework of praise and reward to ground and guide the children in their own self-belief, worth, sense of achievement and pride."

"The school is being led with progressive thought so areas for development identified within the school, or identified by parents externally, will be acted upon and implemented." 

"I'm impressed with the topics that my daughter learns about. The teachers and the LSAs support the children well, encouraging them to learn in a structured but fun way."

"The school is very helpful and welcoming towards pupils new to the country and new to the schooling system - very much appreciated!"

"I think the management team are well aware of what needs doing and are taking steps towards improving the school as a whole."

"In my opinion the school is excellent!"

"Reception year seems to be focusing on topics which small minds seem to grasp and with hands-on practical work too. My daughter loves this and feels she is learning more."

"My son's reading has improved dramatically since attending Seal School."