Upcoming Events


FOS Meetings

The FOS committee meetings are being held on a monthly basis. If you have any comments or requests for the Committee then please feed these in through any FOS ommittee member. Next meeting: 27th March, to discuss the BBQ and Summer Fair details.  

Cake Sales

Cake sale dates for this school year are as follows:

  • Spring Term
    Year 2: January  30th
    Year 3: February 27th
    Year 4: March 27th (Fri) 
  • Summer Term
    Year 5: April 24th
    Year 6: May 22th
    Reception: June 26th
    Year 1:  July 17th

Bags2School Collection

March 25th (Wednesday)

November 11th (Wednwsday)


Easter Disco

March 26th (Thursday)

KS1 (reception/Yr1/Yr2): 4-5pm

KS2 (Yr3/Yr4/Yr5/Yr6): 5.15-6.15pm


Summer Beer & BBQ - June 5th (Friday), 6.30 - 10 pm

This was a big hit last year, let's hope the evening is as warm again this year.


Summer Fair- July 11th (Saturday), 2- 5 pm

If you have any suggestion for games/events, then please contact us through Facebook or at fossecretary@outlook.com.