Who we are

Started in April 2013, the Friends Of Seal (FOS) is our PTA. FOS can be made up of parents/carers, teachers, family members and anyone in the wider local community who would like to get involved with the school. Primarily an events/fundraising group, FOS is also an essential link between the school and the community we serve. 

the process is underway for FOS to become a registered charity and we hope that this will be achieved by the end of summer term July 2014.  This will allow us to have a separate bank account for all funds raised by FOS.  The benefits for FOS to be a registered charity are amongst other things:
- eligible to receive charitable donations from local and national companies
- eligible to apply to grant-making charitable trusts
- eligible to receive donations from parents and other supporters
- eligible for payroll giving and company matched giving schemes
- eligible to apply for Gift Aid
- promotes the message that FOS is working for the benefit of others
- establishes a clear set of rules by which FOS operates

If you would like to get involved to volunteer for an event or have a skill you can bring to the team then please leave your details with the Welcome Office using the contact details at the top of this page. 

The current FOS committee was set on November 21st with two additional members coopted in the following week. The FOS constitution can be found here, and the signed copy will be stored with the school office. The next AGM will be scheduled for around the same date November 2014 where all Officer members will stand down and their positions will be open for re-election.

Current Friends Of Seal Officers

Chair: Suzanne Toms

Vice Chair: Joanne Grocott

Secretary: Robyn Thwaites

Treasurer: Kathy Taylor

Communications/PR Lead: TBC

Ordinary Committee members:

Pat Connors
Georgina Morgan-Bates
SJ Biddle
Kate Crabb
Gabriella Csokli
Sally Wiggs - Cake Sale co-ordinator with Lucy Relf
Gemma Stevens