School Development Plan

What Is A School Improvement Plan?

This is one of our key documents in school and drives what we do everyday. The school development plan details what all staff are working on in our relentless drive to raise standards and achieve our vision for Seal. We like to keep things simple in Seal as we know that too many targets slow down our progress; therefore, we keep the key issues in our School Development Plan to three or four big areas per year. These are the key things everyone is working towards; however, individuals or groups will be also working on their own areas too in order to achieve our vision for Seal. 

How Are The Key Areas Decided Upon?

Many factors contribute to the key areas of the School Development Plan. These include: the vision set by the Head and Governors, OFSTED reports, data collected by the school and the school's self evaluation of strengths and areas for development. The views of the parents are also taken into account through the Parent Questionnaire.

What Are Our Key Areas This Year?


  1. Increase the rate of progress at Key Stage 2 – for all children including disadvantaged and SEND – so it is consistently above National.
  2. Improve attainment at Key Stage 2 in core subjects so it is consistently at least in-line with National.
  3. Further develop and fully embed a curriculum that supports an Excellence of Provision.
  4. Improve attendance so it is above the National figure of 96%.



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