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Reception Admissions

Our admissions for Reception are still co-ordinated by West Sussex County Council admissions. Contact details are available by clicking on the West Sussex County Council icon on the left, or ring 03330 142 903 to speak to the admission department.

In Year Admissions

Admissions for year groups other than Reception are co-ordinated by the school. For all admissions we strongly advise a visit to the school to meet the Headteacher. Please phone the school office to book an appointment. Our application form is available to download on the left of the page.

Class sizes are set at a maximum of 30 and, because of the high demand for school places, for all in-year admissions we may ask to see proof of residence. This can take the form of tenancy agreements or utility bills in the name of anyone with legal parental responsibility for the child/children. 

Admissions Criteria

From September 2014, our admissions criteria changed to be in line with local schools and are set out below. These are the arrangements the school will use for over-subscription in the case of in-year admissions. Parents of Reception age children seeking a place will be ranked, in the case of over-subscription, using the criteria set out below. 

1. Looked after children (or children previously looked after)

2. Children who need a place for compelling and exceptional social, psychological or medical grounds (SEN Statement)

3. Children who live in catchment with siblings at the school who will be there when they start

4. Children who live out of catchment with siblings at the school who will be there when they start

5. Children who live in the catchment

6. Children who live out of catchment


All places in each category will be allocated with those closest to the school within that category having first allocation. All distances are supplied by West Sussex County Council Admissions Team.


If you wish to appeal a decision about school placement, Seal Primary Academy uses West Sussex Local Authority services to carry out the appeals process. If you would like to appeal a decision, please contact the school and West Sussex (using the link on the left).