Partial School Reopening - General Information


If your child is in Year 6 they need to bring a packed lunch unless they receive FSM.

If your child is in Year R or Year 1 then the class teacher will have contacted and recorded if your child is having hot dinners or packed lunches.

Drinks bottles

Please provide a water bottle – this will go to and from school and can be refilled at school


Uniform is not required.

Children can also bring a coat and sunhat if needed.

Sun cream

Please apply before school

Other belongings

Do not bring other personal belongings to school


Urgent response medication e.g. asthma inhalers will keep in school as normal and will be available in classrooms


Please do not park on the road outside the school.


There is no crossing patrol for the foreseeable future

Reluctance to come into school

If your child is particularly reluctant to come in, we may ask you to take them home as we are unable to hold their hand up to class and you will not be able to walk to the classroom.

Accompanying family members

Please keep to the one adult per household dropping and collecting. If you have other primary school age or younger siblings, these will be allowed to attend with you but they must stay by your side at all times.


If your child is unwell at all, please do not send them into school. If they become unwell in any way, we will be asking you to collect so please ensure someone is available to do so as soon as possible.


Parents will not be able to enter the school building unless in an emergency.

Marshalls will not be able to send and receive messages.

Please therefore deliver messages through one of the following channels:

  • Phone call to the office
  • Year group email accounts (all on website)
  • Admin email (

Teachers will be checking year group emails before and after school. The office email is monitored throughout the day.

We will be happy to receive ‘check in’ phone calls for the initial reopening period if you would like to find out how your child is doing during the day.

Parent/carer social distancing

Please ensure that you follow all of the allocated routes and instructions for entry and exit. Please stay 2 metres apart on your travel during collection and drop off. Please follow any instruction given by a marshal or on any signage.