Hello Reception children and grown-ups, 

For the children that are in school from Monday 8th June, here is where you will find follow-up activities to complete on the days you are at home each week. These activities will link to the learning completed in school. 

If you are not returning to school but would still like to carry on with some learning, there is still plenty of ideas below and on our subject pages under the home learning tab.

Group A and Group B follow-up activities: 

Home Learning Activities - Group A and B Thursday 9th, Friday 10th, Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th July.

Home Learning activities

This week we would like you to have a look at the 'Is my child ready for Year 1' document. In September your child will be starting their next adventure in Year 1! In a normal Seal year children would be working towards the Early Learning Goals in Reception. This checklist focuses on some of these goals and will help to best prepare your child for their next year. Please look at these key skills and over the next few weeks, please check if your child can do these skills and colour in the smiley faces accordingly - green if they can do it, yellow if they are working towards it and red if not begun. If your child cannot yet do these skills, use the links to practise with them so that they can be as confident and ready as possible for Year 1 in September. 

Is my child ready for Year 1?


Getting ready for Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 information booklet

Welcome video from Miss Chambers 

Welcome video from Miss Fenn

Here are some excellent websites if you would like to continue with some learning over the Summer: