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Tim Peake 'tweets' from Space

Chichester High Schools and TKAT in space (literally)

It is a very busy day on social media today for our Chichester High Schools, the British Astronaut Tim Peake who is currently living and working on the International Space Station tweeted a photo of the Chichester High Schools for Boys badge that he took in to space with him (and note the TKAT logo, thank you Tracey) wishing them luck with their Space 2 Earth Challenge taking place today.

The tweet has seen 300 like and 95 shares and tweeted to Tim’s 481k followers!!

We have both seen many many re-tweets and comments tagging in both the Schools and TKAT. 

From the likes of: PuffinBooks (34.5k followers), MissionControl Space2Earth (1,111 followers), Author Tom Easton (1,411 folowers), Alan Mackenzie (3,300 followers), Tri One (1,821 followers), Triathlon Trust (1,563 followers) and orbiting…

Great work Chichester High School, Yasmin, and Tracey!!!  #tkatfamily